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Nutrition is science, and we not only focus on the connection between whole foods to whole health, but also we strive to better the impact our farming has on the environment. In order to create a truly sustainable product, it can't just be good for you; it must be good for the Earth as well.

Our company’s purpose and goal is to re-engineer the food industry to create healthy, sustainable foods. In the era of mass production, we have stayed true to harvesting food from farm to table -- from our family to yours.



Our RayZyn® dried wine grape snacks are healthy for you AND the environment. We strive to create a top quality product that positively impacts both the producer and the consumer.

Understanding the relationship between sustainable farming and healthy foods is at our core. We have re-engineered our process of whole food production to maximize nutritional value, to naturally enhance the shelf life and portability of foods and to utilize available food sources.

By dehydrating our wine grapes with the seeds, skins and stems caps intact, we ensure that the vital nutrients are not lost and that you get to enjoy the full health benefits that these superfoods have to offer.

Because of our special dehydration process, our dried wine grapes have a long shelf life and do not need chemicals or unnatural preservatives to last. When stored in proper temperatures, our Wine RayZyns have a shelf life of two to four years.

During peak harvest season, we hand-select Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay wine grapes from our family-owned, private Segassia Vineyard in Napa Valley as well as from surrounding vineyards. 


When touring vineyards in Napa Valley, California in 2014, the Wine RayZyn founders noticed that a large portion of wine grapes are never harvested for wine production. They jumped at the opportunity to spare these premium fruits from being left behind. 

While producers of wines have gathered the thick-skinned, meaty wine grapes during the year's early harvest, The Wine RayZyn Company™ has its sights set on the tons of wine grapes historically left behind. After individual wine grapes are harvested by winemakers, The Wine RayZyn™ Company follows and gathers the same premium, yet overlooked, wine grapes, creating a new snack food for today’s on-the-go, health-conscious consumers.


One way we give back to the community and environment is through the sale of our Rescue RayZyn™ Two Pack, which includes two 4.5 oz packs of our delicious Dark Chocolate Covered CabernayZyns. The CabernayZyn was the first RayZyn® product we launched in 2014, so it holds a special place in our hearts.

One dollar from every online purchase is split between the Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund and the Food Recovery Network, an organization devoted to fighting food waste. In fact, this snack is the first ever Food Recovery Network Verified product.

The Napa Valley Community Disaster Relief Fund is dedicated to helping victims of the terrible 2017 California fires, the most destructive wildfires recorded in California history. During that time, 40% of the company's Segassia Vineyard was destroyed. The Wine RayZyn™ family made the best of a bad situation by rescuing around 100 tons of wine grapes from various damaged vineyards, thus birthing the inspiration for the Rescue RayZyn™. Now, you can support these causes by donating directly or purchasing our Rescue RayZyn™ Two Pack.

In the end, you aren't just purchasing a premium, delicious and healthy product; you are investing in a family-owned company that works hard to create a safe atmosphere for its workers while protecting the surrounding nature and supporting important environmental causes.



The Ultimate Superfood

The secret is in the seed! Wine RayZyn™ dried wine grapes are high in fiber, low in fat and cholesterol, and have more antioxidants than wine.


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