1.6oz CabernayZyn® Goblet Gift Set from Wine RayZyn™



  • Our Wine RayZyn Goblet, made from upcycled and environmentally conscious materials.
  • This stemware was carefully designed to provide you with a unique product that is beautifully crafted and has the appearance of a wine bottle.
  • Ideal as a gift, or treat yourself to a vineyard experience.
  • Also includes one sample of our 1.6oz CabernayZyn® superfood snacks.
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1.6 ounces of CabernayZyn contain
more antioxidants than a glass of wine!

The Cabernayzyn Experience

  • Power-packed nutrition and bioavailabilty
  • Rich, complex wine flavor
  • Naturally sweet and deliciously crunchy
  • Wine experience without the alcohol
  • Good for you. Good for the the environmentTM.

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