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The Wine RayZyn™ Company - The RayZyn Experience

The RayZyn® Experience

Discover why our Wine Raisins are a step above the rest

The Ultimate Superfood

The secret is in the seed! Wine RayZyn™ dried wine grapes are high in fiber, low in fat and cholesterol, and have more antioxidants than wine. Our health foods have no artificial flavors, no preservatives and are naturally sweet. RayZyns are a simple whole food and one of the best superfoods on the market.

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The Wine RayZyn™ Company - The Ultimate Superfood
The Wine RayZyn™ Company - Sustainable Farming

Sustainably Farmed

From farm to table, our Wine RayZyn® dried wine grapes are healthy for you AND the environment. We strive to create a top quality product that positively impacts both the producer and the consumer.

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More Than Just a Snack

While Wine RayZyns are delicious own their own, they are also finding their way into your favorite recipes. RayZyn® dried wine grapes add a sweet and crunchy bite to everything from salads to baked goods to savory dishes. They’re also an excellent topping, pairing with wine and cheese, and so much more!

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The Wine RayZyn™ Company - More Than Just a Snack


"Just got these [truffles] and shared with coworkers--and they are almost gone. What an elegant gift and they are as beautiful as on TV....Love the truffle chocolate with the crunchy center of the wine grapes inside. I have had a lot of truffles and these are the BEST I have ever tasted."

Fran Johnston, QVC

"...[Wine RayZyn wine] grapes have SEEDS. The company feels that there is more nutrition in the seeds and stems than just the [wine] grape skin (after all the “juice inside is eliminated in drying. Based on the nutrition info on the package, they are certainly right. One serving size has 140 calories and no fat but a whopping 5g of fiber."

Steve Ramm, Amazon

"I love these little chocolate [wine] grapes! I especially love the crunch of the seeds, I know many may not like a seed but to me that's what makes them special. I actually feel a little pick me up after I eat them and the non chocolate CabernayZyns."

Katy Shopper, QVC

“I have been using your product daily for my fight against cancer and have had a remarkable recovery.  Many thanks for a wonderful product!”


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