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Founded in 2014, The Wine RayZyn Company provides healthy snacks from specially dried wine grapes. Our indulgent superfood treats are a delicacy packed with fiber, antioxidants and other health benefits. Furthermore, they are an environmentally sustainable food and have a unique taste and texture that are true to their varietal. 

We take pride in our community, our products and the benefits they provide. Our family-owned company is based in Napa Valley, California, and spans three generations of award-winning vineyard and organic farming experience.

Our mission is to deliver delicious foods to consumers while protecting the environment. Our process offers vineyards a way to maximize their wine grape yield and reduce food waste by gathering unused wine grapes at the end of each harvest.

All in all, we make superfood indulgence snacks, we care about the environment and we are committed to doing more with less. With the creation of the ChardonayZyn®, CabernayZyn® and MerlayZyn® dried wine grape snacks, we provide a delicious food that is good for you and good for the Earth.



Wine RayZyns are no ordinary raisin. They are premium, specially dried Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Merlot wine grapes. They’re a specialty food – a delicacy packed with fiber and other health benefits. These specially dried wine grapes are a sustainable food and have a unique taste and texture that are true to their varietal.


Each year we harvest wine grapes and specially dry them with the seeds and stems intact. The stems act as nature’s cork, preserving the nutrients and flavor within the wine grape. During the special drying process, the nutritious seed is toasted, giving it great crunch and nutty flavor. These natural methods allow us to create a healthy, delicious snack like no other. It’s great nutrition in the palm of your hand. 


Unlike the sugary, seedless, soft raisin with which we are all familiar, the Wine RayZyn™ has a nutty crunch with the nutrition-packed, toasted seed in its center. Each CabernayZyn®, MerlayZyn® and ChardonayZyn® is dried on the vine, preserving all of the natural nutrients of a whole food. While traditional raisins are filled with sugar and have little nutritional value, our Wine RayZyns are nutrient-dense, yummy snacks full of antioxidants, polyphenols, fiber, and more! They pack a nutritious crunch and flavor.


A 1.6 oz bag of CabernayZyn®, MerlayZyn®, or ChardonayZyn® snacks contains the same number of wine grapes used to make one glass of wine. A 8.0 oz party size bag of our dried wine grapes is equivalent to one bottle of wine. Our Wine RayZyns have more than ten times the amount of antioxidants found in red wine, so you get all the health benefits of wine minus the alcohol. Also, they are harvested from the same wine grapes used to make award-winning wines across Napa Valley and California. See Chart.


The RayZyn GUY


Known as "The RayZyn Guy," Andrew Cates is the co-founder of the Wine RayZyn™ Company. He is fervent about his organic farming practices, caring for his Segassia Vineyard on Mt. Veeder in Napa, tending to his large garden, beekeeping, and raising chickens that have become more like pets than farm animals. Andrew’s dedication to the creation of this snack food has been a mission and a labor of love. He is extremely proud of the simple, all natural ingredients that are Wine RayZyn® -- dried wine grapes with seeds and stems.

The inspiration for the flagship product, the CabernayZyn®, came during a trip to Napa Valley, when Andrew and his father experienced the first harvest of Cabernet Sauvignon wine grapes from Segassia, the small vineyard he had recently purchased. “There was something transformative that happened during the harvest. The satisfaction from plucking clusters that had been so lovingly nurtured gives you a sense of the fascination and lure of these wine grapes,” says Andrew.

While touring nearby vineyards, Andrew and his dad noticed the high numbers of wine grape clusters left on the vines following harvest. “Each year one to five percent of Cabernet Sauvignon wine grapes are never harvested,” he says. “There was an ‘Aha’ moment that led to the opportunity to extend the impact of wine grapes and create a new snack category that makes available nature’s nutritional powerhouse.”  

When the California wildfires devastated countless farms and homes in 2017, the RayZyn family took action to help those in need. With many vineyards completely destroyed by the wildfires in Napa and Sonoma County, they gathered unharvested wine grapes from vineyards.

Turning damaged wine grapes into Rescue RayZyns™ will provide a "second harvest" for laborers and vineyards, taking wine grapes that would otherwise go unused and use them to feed those affected. This project represents a key step toward helping raise awareness around eliminating food waste and highlighting the ability to repurpose the fallout of one disaster to directly benefit victims of other natural disasters.



Looking for a healthy, delicious, snack? Look no further! Our RayZyn™ dehydrated fruit is alcohol-free and is conveniently packaged and proportioned as an everyday snack.


RayZyns open the door to fun new pairing possibilities. Explore the flavors of this specialty food with cheese, chocolate, or your favorite glass of wine.


Give the gift of a gourmet food that stands out. Delicious with starters, dinner, dessert, or by themselves, this specialty food is a great addition to any party or as a gift for the person "who has everything."


Wine RayZyns are a brand new ingredient that can make any food a superfood! Shake up your cookbook with our specialty recipes. Bake them into your cookies or use as a topping on your favorite salads, yogurt or ice cream. Perfect for all recipes, savory and sweet!


RayZyn™ dried wine grapes are a kid-friendly snack with a shelf life of 2+ years. Eat them now or keep around for later consumption.


Wine RayZyns are one of the most delicious and healthy superfoods packed with nutritional benefits. Try all of our flavors to experience your favorite wine grape varietals.


Sustainably Farmed

From farm to table, our Wine RayZyn® dried wine grapes are healthy for you AND the environment. We strive to create a top quality product that positively impacts both the producer and the consumer.


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