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Wine RayZyn™ Chocolate Offerings

4.5oz Rescue RayZyn® Two Pack (Dark Chocolate Covered CabnernayZyn®)
Ultimate Guilt-Free Indulgence
Chocolate Superfood Indulgence Packs
Chocolate Delight

RayZyn™ Superfood Offerings

Ultimate Wine RayZyn™ Sampler Pack
3 Varietal Wine RayZyn™ Party Size Trial Pack
Wine RayZyn™ Gift Trio Pack Sampler
CabernayZyn® 20 Pack Grab and Go Caddie
ChardonayZyn® 20 Pack Grab and Go Caddie
MerlayZyn® 20 Pack Grab and Go Caddie

Wine RayZyn™ Merchandise

The Wine RayZyn™ Canvas Tote
The Wine RayZyn™ Goblet Gift Set

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