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Experience This Specialty Food

Wine RayZyns are premium, specially dried Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Merlot wine grapes. RayZyns are more than just dried wine grapes; they’re a specialty food – a delicacy packed with antioxidants, polyphenols, fiber, and bioavailable nutrients. These specially dried wine grapes are a sustainable food, and have a unique taste and texture that are true to their varietal.

While Wine RayZyns are delicious own their own, they are also finding their way into your favorite recipes. RayZyns add a sweet and crunchy bite to everything from salads to baked goods to savory dishes. They’re also an excellent topping, pairing with wine and cheese, and so much more!

Our simple, yet delicious ingredients for this specialty food? Dried wine grapes with seeds and stems.

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Experience a crunchy superfood snack that is packed with nutrition, health benefits, and flavor!

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  • The Perfect Snack

    Looking for a healthy, delicious, snack? Look no further! Our RayZynTM fruit is alcohol-free and is conveniently packaged for an everyday snack.

  • Pairing with a Twist

    RayZyns open the door to fun new pairing possibilities. Explore the flavors of this specialty food with cheese, chocolate, or your favorite glass of wine.

  • Your New Go-to

    Give the gift of a gourmet food that stands out: RayZynTM. Delicious with starters, dinner, dessert, or by themselves, this specialty food is a great addition to any party or as a gift for the person "who has everything".

  • For the Pantry

    RayZynTM is a kid-friendly snack with a shelf life of 1+ year. Eat it now or keep around for use in your favorite recipes.

  • Healthy

    RayZynTM is the most delicious and healthy superfood available. Try all the flavors of this specialty food to experience your favorite wine grape varietals.

    Read More About the Health Benefits

Not Your Typical Wine Raisins

Everyone has eaten dried fruit at some point, and we all know that, despite what the boxes and packaging might tell us, most dried fruit tastes pretty similar. Usually, once the moisture has been extracted from a fruit, it’s hard to taste its more subtle, distinctive flavor profiles. Not only are you sacrificing flavor with your average dried fruit, but you also lose out on a lot of the health benefits of fresh fruit, since some of the nutrients can be lost in the drying process. This is not the case with RayZyns.

With RayZyns, we specially dry them with the stem intact. The stem act’s as nature’s cork to lock-in and preserve the flavor and nutrients. We guarantee each RayZyn is packed with great taste and nutrition.

Keeping the Benefits

The unique process we use in drying wine grapes ensures that all of the health benefits remain intact and are even further concentrated. This means you get a full dose of all the natural goodness, without missing out on the flavor.

Keeping the Flavor

Speaking of flavor, this is another thing you definitely don’t lose out on with our Wine RayZyns. If you’re using the best and tastiest wine grapes (like we are), then the last thing you want to do is lose the distinctive taste during the dehydration process. Cabernet, Chardonnay, and Merlot wine grapes all have their own unique flavor profiles – so we make sure our CabernayZyns, ChardonnayZyns and MernayZyns all do too.

Adding the Crunch

Adding to the fun of the flavor is something else that’s unique to the Wine RayZyn Company – we keep the seeds intact. Regular, store-bought dried grapes tend to be chewy because they are seedless, so not only are you losing flavor, you’re losing texture too. With our Wine RayZyns, your palate is being spoiled not just with full flavor, but with a crunch that makes every bite more satisfying as the last.

The Versatility of RayZyns

Take a look below to see some of the ways you can take our Wine RayZyns' unique flavor and texture profile and pair them with other foods, or even throw them in your favorite recipes to add a new twist.


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