Wine on the VineTM


The Wine RayZyn CompanyTM is an ambassador for the tiny, power-packed dehydrated wine grape. Our flagship product, the CabernayZyn, is a sustainably farmed superfood that is rich in antioxidants, fiber, flavor and even has a nutritious crunch.

2015 Vintage CabernayZyn Experience the unique taste packed with nutrition, health benefits and flavor!

The Ultimate Superfood

A CabernayZyn is the ultimate superfood packed with nutrition and health benefits. They are heart-healthy, contain natural fiber, polyphenols, and antioxidants, which are cancer-fighting and also improve brain function. A CabernayZyn combines the complex flavors of an excellent wine and the power-packed nutrients of wine grape seeds and skins.

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More than just a snack
  • Sustainable/Natural
  • Superfood/Healthy
  • Flavor right from the vineyard
  • Wine without the alcohol
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The Wine RayZyn Company is the ultimate recycling company committed to redesigning and transforming the paradigm of upcycled consumer products and sustainable foods. We are dedicated to taking the wine industry's by-products and repurposing them into healthy, sustainable, upcycled products that can be enjoyed by consumers.

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Our Story

The Wine RayZyn Company is located in Napa, California. Our family has three generations of organic farming experience. We make wine, we care about the environment, and we are committed to doing more with less. With the creation of the CabernayZyn, we provide sustainable, healthy products, and preserve the environment for future generations.

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