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2015 Vintage

CabernayZyn™ Superfood RayZyn™ Snack Pack

Can’t get enough of snacking on RayZyns? Try our Superfood Snack Pack. You get 2 cases of CabernayZyn snack bags. Each RayZyn case contains 12 8 oz bags of CabernayZyns. That means each bag has more antioxidants than a bottle of wine!

Make RayZyns Your Snacking Option of Choice

Satisfy your taste buds and your body with RayZyn snacks. Find ordering information below.

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RayZyn™ CabernayZyn Grab & Go Bags - 2 Cases

If you’re looking for sustainable foods or health foods, RayZyn’s CabernaZyn Grab & Go Bags are just for you. Each case comes with 24 1.6 oz bags of RayZyn CabernaZyns. These two cases will be sure to help you snack healthier. It’s so much easier to avoid junk food when you have a supply of healthy RayZyns at your fingertips!

RayZyn Ships to Your Home

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Rayzyn™ Mix of CabernayZyn™ - On the Go or Stay at Home

If you love the taste of cabernet wine grapes, you’re sure to enjoy RayZyn CabernayZyns. With the wholesale mix option, you get 24 1.6 oz Grab & Go Bags and 12 8 oz bags. This is the ideal RayZyn combination for all health food snackers.

Take RayZyns on the Go

Rayzyns are delicious and healthy no matter where you are. This mix gives you the option for a healthy munch on the go or a mid-afternoon snack right out of the pantry.

$ 308.16
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