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Chocolate Covered CabernayZyn® (12 Individual Bags)

Chardonnay wine raisins® enrobed in dark chocolate

12 bags of Individual Portions

Heart-Healthy Raisins made from the finest Napa Valley Wine Grapes (no alcohol)

  • CRUNCHY RAISINS. THE SECRET IS THE SEED. THE FUN IS THE CRUNCH – Regular raisins are chewy and modified to be seedless. Wine RayZyns are vine dried with the seed caramelized by the sun, creating a full flavor raisin with a satisfying crunch!

  • GOURMET & HEALTHY RAISINS – Made from the same wine grapes that product the finest California Merlots, Chardonnays, and Cabernets enrobed in delicious chocolate, caramel, and yogurt.

  • MORE HEART-HEALTH BENEFITS THAN REGULAR RAISINS. ANTIOXIDANT RICH SUPERFOOD – Made from wine raisins (no alcohol) as opposed to genetically modified raisin grapes.

  • BAKING, COOKING, & WINE MAKING - Delicious on their own and in practically endless recipes. Mix in oatmeal or trail mixes, sprinkle in salads, add to charcuterie boards, or in any dish that calls for raisins. Use as an ingredient for Wine Making.

  • GREAT FOR GIFTING - Our Wine RayZyn packages are perfect for Gift Baskets and Holiday Gifting.

  • SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED CALIFORNIA WINE GRAPES – Made from the same grapes that produce the finest California Merlots, Chardonnays, and Cabernets.

  • HEALTHY AND CONVENIENT - Our pouches pack and store well and ensure your dried grapes are always fresh and taste great wherever you are.
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