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Our Story

Our Story: Sustainable Foods & Products

Everyday food choices impact our health as well as the environment.  The Wine RayZyn Company’s mission is to produce sustainable food and gift products that are both Good for You and Good for the EnvironmentTM.

Sustainable foods from our farm to your table

The Wine RayZyn CompanyTM is family owned and operated in Napa, California. We take pride in our community, our products, and the benefits they provide. Our family spans three generations of award-winning vineyard and organic farming experience. We make wine, we care about the environment and we are committed to doing more with less. With the creation of the CabernayZynTM, we provide sustainable foods and healthy products.

Our family’s focus is the relationship and importance of whole food to whole health. Nutrition is science, and understanding the relationship between sustainable farming and healthy foods is at our core. We envision the re-engineering of the process of whole food production to maximize nutrition, stability of available food sources, and enhance shelf life and portability of foods.

We want to foster creativity in harvesting and experiencing food. Our company’s purpose and goal is to re-engineer the food industry to create healthy, sustainable foods. In the era of mass produced food, we have stayed true to producing and harvesting food from farm to table, from our family to yours.

The CabernayZyn goblet, made from a recycled wine bottle, is designed to be enjoyed as a wine glass for years to come. The cork top that seals the glass is also a sustainable product that can be used as a coaster. This packaging showS our commitment to producing products that are Good for you and good for the environmentTM.

Our Company

Based in Napa Valley, California, The Wine RayZynTM Company was founded in 2014 as a family owned company with a mission to deliver healthy, sustainable foods and snacks to consumers who are replacing traditional meals with robust snacking.

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