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Our Company

Our Company

The Wine RayZyn CompanyTM is committed to transforming the paradigm of upcycled consumer products. The Wine Industry produces many landfill-clogging by-products which are either unused or considered waste. Where they see waste, we see opportunity. We transform used wine bottles, cork remnants, and unharvested and excess grapes into healthy, sustainable, repurposed products that are Good for You and Good for the EnvironmentTM.

Unharvested Grapes

A RayZynTM is a dehydrated wine grape. Our company rescues unharvested wine grapes left in the same vineyards that produce award-winning wines. We salvage grapes discarded from wineries during the winemaking process and preserve grapes from drought-stricken farms, transforming them into a unique and delicious product, The Wine RayZynTM.

Water Conservation

Everyday food choices impact our health as well as the environment. With finite water resources worldwide, our product reduces the amount of wasted water while helping farmers adapt to drought conditions. We strive to create foods that represent responsible water use, while raising awareness on healthy food choices. 


Neither wine grapes nor farmers are immune to California’s drought. Our product and our process reflect our commitment to the preservation of water, while providing farmers an opportunity to salvage fruit that would otherwise be discarded. Our process of creating CabernayZyn does just that and may be a model that can be applied to our food delivery system as a whole.

2015 Vintage CabernayZyn Experience the unique tasting experience, packed with nutrition, health benefits and a flavor!

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