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1.6oz - CabernayZynTM GRAB & GO 3 PACK

ntroducing CabernayZynTM, the delicious snack packed with even more antioxidants than a glass of wine and with the same complex flavors of your favorite Cabernet. High in vitamins and fiber, low in fat and cholesterol, this is the ideal snack for heart health, energy, and more!

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1.6 ounces $1499
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1.6 ounces of CabernayZyn contain
more antioxidants than a glass of wine!

The carbernayzyn Experience

  • Power-packed nutrition and bioavailabilty
  • Rich, complex wine flavor
  • Naturally sweet and deliciously crunchy
  • Wine experience without the alcohol
  • Good for you. Good for the the environmentTM.

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