Wine RayZyn Introduces the Superfood Trio Pack

January 18, 2016

Wine RayZyn Introduces the Superfood Trio Pack

Until now, only vineyard owners and wine makers have been able to experience the unique flavor of CabernayZyn™, which are premium, specially dried Cabernet Sauvignon wine grapes. For the first time, The Wine RayZyn Company™ offers consumers the opportunity to taste this "wine on the vine" superfood, which is already a featured product in Whole Foods and over 100 other retailers.

The family owned business is now presenting this delicious, new fruit to the masses during this week's Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. The company is also going one step further by rolling out two other new products. These new releases might just turn the health, snack and wine worlds on their heads.

The Wine RayZyn Company is sharing this new way to experience, not one, but three different flavors of wine (Cabernet, Chardonnay and Merlot). In addition to the company's flagship product, CabernayZyns, MerlayZyns™ (Merlot wine grapes) and ChardonayZyns™ (Chardonnay wine grapes) will be introduced and available across the country in the coming months. The company is planning to offer these distinct products as a Wine RayZyn varietal trio-pack. CabernayZyns, MerlayZyns, and ChardonayZyns will be available in 1.6 ounce bags and will be available later this year.

What sets the Wine RayZyn grapes apart is that as they are harvested with the stems intact to serve as nature’s cork, locking in and preserving the fruit’s inherently high nutritional content. They also have a nutty crunch due to the nutrition packed, caramelized seed in the center of each wine grape. The Wine RayZyn Company sustainably harvests premium wine grapes and then specially dries them through a proprietary process. The trio-pack of Wine RayZyns™ is a celebration of true wine flavor and are the perfect snack or gift for today's on-the-go, health-conscious wine lovers.

These specially dried wine grapes are full of antioxidants, are sustainably farmed, and are a delicacy filled with the same intense flavors of the world's finest wines. The Wine RayZyn™ Trio Pack will now enable consumers to savor and appreciate the uniqueness of the three most important wine flavors, but also enjoy a healthy new fruit.

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