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RayZyn® Rig RV Tour Brings Napa to You

June 26, 2018

The Wine RayZyn Big Rig RV

Andrew Cates, Napa vinter and Co-Founder of The Wine RayZyn™ Company, is celebrating the continuation of the “RayZyn Guy” RV tour. Get excited, because Cates is sharing his passion for his company’s superfood snacks with consumers on a road-trip across America, following the loss of his Napa home and family vineyard in California’s recent wildfires.

Cates will continue hitting the road in his new “RayZyn-Rig,” hosting tastings of RayZyns as part of an international movement that supports natural disaster relief. So far, the RayZyn-Rig has visited various retail locations, festivals, health fairs, corporate offices, and college campuses, all of which carry or promote RayZyn® snack products.

During the Northern California wildfires last fall, Cates lost his home and sixty percent of his vineyard. Although the vines were damaged, Cabernet wine grapes were still hanging on mildly damaged vines. Determined to “turn lemons into lemonade,” Cates partnered with The Food Recovery Network to salvage wine grapes no longer suitable for wine making and turn them into Wine RayZyns, otherwise known as Rescue RayZyns.

The first and only superfood of its kind, Wine RayZyns are hand-harvested wine grapes. RayZyns are made with the skin and seeds intact to provide an unprecedented source of fiber, nutrients and heart healthy antioxidants.

The “RayZyn” Guy RV Tour began just months following the wildfires. Cates began the tour earlier this year in Florida to spread his motivational message of eliminating food waste, celebrating the health benefits of Wine RayZyns, and bringing this unique superfood to people all over the country.

The RayZyn-Rig tour encourages people to pair Wine RayZyns with their favorite foods, utilizing each flavor of RayZyn™: CabernayZyn® (Cabernet wine grapes), MerlayZyn® (Merlot), ChardonayZyn® (Chardonnay) and Dark Chocolate Covered RayZyns.

While the tour kicked off in Florida, it also has received rave reviews in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, as well as in cities up the East Coast like Charlotte, Greensboro, Fairfax, Roanoke, Newark, and New York City.

Cates and his team are currently building out future tour dates. “There has been a lot of demand from our partners, and we’ve received incredible messages of support in the aftermath of the wildfires, and are now able to give back that support by spreading the word and health of RayZyns across the country,” says Cates.

“We are excited to meet our supporters face to face at our store locations and to also make new introductions to people who are looking for a new healthy snack to enhance their daily routine.”

Please stop by booth #3627 at the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC to learn more about the superfood that has been taking the country by storm and how to get the RayZyn-Rig to visit you!

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