1.6oz - CabernayZyn™ Grab & Go 3 Pack from RayZyn

If you are searching for healthy snack ideas, you’ve come to the right place! At The Wine RayZyn Company, we carefully craft the perfect dried wine grapes that are full of flavor and nutrition. Our wine grapes are harvested in California.  We offer you healthy, sustainable products that are not only good for you, but also good for the environment. Our CabernayZyn is one of the best superfoods out there, and is packed with the bold and delicious flavors of the Cabernet wine grape. Every bite provides you with a one of a kind experience from California vineyards to your home. Each 1.6oz bag from RayZyn is great for snacking and has more antioxidants* than wine, not to mention that they’re full of fiber and protein. Enjoy the CabernayZyn from the Wine RayZyn Company Order and enjoy our three Grab and Go 1.6oz CabernayZyn packages. Each serving is perfect for the health conscious individual. We offer you flat rate shipping and if you order over $50 worth of products, your items will ship straight to your door for free!  Call us or email us today to speak with our knowledgeable staff here at The Wine RayZyn Company about any questions you may have about our CabernayZyns or any other products we offer! We’ll be happy to assist you.
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1.6 ounces

$ 8.99

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1.6 ounces of CabernayZyn contain
more antioxidants than a glass of wine!

The Cabernayzyn Experience

  • Power-packed nutrition and bioavailabilty
  • Rich, complex wine flavor
  • Naturally sweet and deliciously crunchy
  • Wine experience without the alcohol
  • Good for you. Good for the the environmentTM.

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